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Letter from Kevin Carr, President MasterGraphics regarding partnership with Markforged.

Dear Markforged Customer,

I am writing you today since a recent decision will affect you and supplies of your Markforged 3D printer.  Markforged has notified us that effective January 3, 2020 MasterGraphics will no longer be an authorized reseller of Markforged products.  We never take representing a solution lightly and certainly even more so when we (or the manufacturer) ends a reseller partnership.  In this case the reason is twofold, we have put a strong emphasis on HP 3D print solutions which has distracted us from putting more effort into Markforged and Markforged is focusing on reducing resellers to make sure they are more dedicated to Markforged.  I understand their decision and it makes business sense for us as well to stay focused on HP.  However, my main concern is how do we meet the obligation and support we promised when you purchased your printer from us.  

With that in mind, I have worked with a reseller I respect and value that will serve you in the same way I hope MasterGraphics has.  Going forward, Big Systems has agreed to take over our Markforged placements and serve you in the same we have.  Joe Jones and his team have been in the 3D space for over 8 years and even though we have competed, they are a company I have respected for their industry knowledge and service philosophy.  I am sure many of you know them as they represent Markforged and other 3D technologies.   Starting January 1st you can go to Joe and his team for supplies and service support.   I have copied him on this email and he will reach out to each of you directly.  We are certainly here to support you in anyway during the transition and will work hand in hand with him.
Here are Big Systems key contact information:
Joe Jones, President
Primary contact for orders and information is:
Cyndi Boerner, Customer Service Representative
1-888-244-4177 (toll free)
Big Systems
N59W14053 Bobolink Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051.
My last notes:  Know MasterGraphics is focused on 3D print and have become one of the top 3D print partners for HP and their revolutionary 3D print technology.  This decision does not mean we are less focused on 3D print – it’s actually the opposite - we are focused strongly on production Additive Manufacturing solutions.  We will still work with you on any needs you have in the future but now in conjunction with Big Systems.  We still feel the Markforged offerings are industry leading and have only respect for their technology.  Even with their decision, we stand by the units we placed and how they will add value to your business. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.  


Kevin Carr

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