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Markforged X5 Industrial 3D Printer

SKU F-PR-3015

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For load-bearing applications that require real strength, X5 printed parts make the grade. Engineered and built to survive the production floor environment, this 3D printer effortlessly producing the tools you need to keep your line running.

Replace mission critical machined aluminum with fiberglass composite parts at 1/20th the cost.  Parts are 20x stronger and 10x stiffer than ABS.  The exterior shell leverages the incredible material quality of Onyx (micro-carbon reinforced nylon); resistant to a wide variety of shop chemicals.

The Markforged X5 features the unique dual-nozzle print system to weave a strand of Continuous Fiberglass throughout a part to make it as strong as metal.

And, despite its large build volume of 12.9" x 9.84" x 7.87", the footprint is relatively small. 

Unique, adaptive bed leveling, is achieved using laser scan data to deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and repeatability.

Includes powerful Eiger software for importing your model and slicing it for high strength printing.

The X5 is upgradeable to the X7 for an increased range of composite materials and in-process laser inspection. 

Download the datasheet

Application examples: Robotic End-of-Arm Tools (EOAT), Soft Jaws, Welding Fixtures, CMM Fixtures, Assembly Jigs

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