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PHPR7 - Oce 7mil Satin Resin Coated Photo Paper - 3" core

SKU PHPR724100

Oce PHPR7 is a 7mil satin resin coated photo paper and is designed for use in the Oce ColorWave 600/650 printing system with Oce CrystalPoint technology.

Main Applications:  Indoor display graphics/POP, Posters, Presentations

For best results use Cold film laminates (<140°F) is advised and a laminator with a soft rubber roller is preferred.

Warm Laminates: In order to get a good adhesion of the warm laminates the advised temperature of 185-203°F needs to be used.  However, when laminating at these temperatures there is a risk of the printed image becoming blurry due to melting of the toner.  Good results can be obtained with warm laminates when following instructions: 
Use media >140 gsm, use laminates > 5 mil, Encapsulate the print, & avoid mechanical stress on the print.

Hot film laminates, liquid laminates and transfer laminates are not recommended. 3" Core, 1 roll per carton

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